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Determining Your Home's Price

Find out for yourself NOW!

Setting the proper asking price for your home is the single biggest factor that will determine the success or failure of your home sale. The consequences of making the wrong decision are painful. If you price your home too low, you will literally give away thousands of dollars that could have been in your pocket. Price it too high, and your home will sit unsold for months, developing the reputation of a problem property (everyone will think that there is something wrong with it). Failure to understand market conditions and properly price your home can cost you thousands of dollars and cause your home not to sell... fouling up all of your plans.

I Won't Let This Happen to You!

Utilizing the latest computer technology and our in-depth knowledge of the market, I will analyze current market conditions in combination with your person time requirements to identify the correct price range for your home.

You cannot afford any "guesswork" in this critical step!

What factors influence the price of your home?

  • The status of the current real estate market
  • The expertise and market knowledge of your real estate consultant
  • Hard facts such as square footage, lot size, and condition of your home
  • Desirability factors, including location, special amenities, and property attributes
  • Selling and listing prices of comparable homes
  • Your motivation level

It is important to understand the following pricing misconceptions DO NOT affect the price of your home!

  • The profit you wish to make from the sale (what you want or need)
  • The amount of money you've spent on improvements
  • What other sources, such as friends, neighbors, and appraisers have told you it's worth
  • What you originally paid for the home
The value of your property is determined by what a Buyer is willing to pay and a Seller is willing to sell for in today's market. The buyers of today have all the information that you have. The will base their offer by comparing your property to their sold properties in your area. They will evaluate your home against the other's comparing the cost versus the value. BUYERS DETERMINE VALUE!

Your Home's Value

I will provide you with a Free Market Analysis on the value of your property. There is no obligation on your part. This is a free service. Please fill in the form below and I will be in touch with you to complete the market analysis for you.